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Sophie Jolin-Roch

Sophie Jolin-Roch

Specialized in market research, project management and fashion styling / Experienced within the apparel manufacturing and retailing sectors

fashion stylism
production management
event planning
customer service
Driving License
Employed Open to opportunities
I am a proud member of the Canadian fashion industry, and am always thrilled to work to strengthen our position within our global economy.
  • Worked closely with the rest of the team in order to decide in which stores to send respective inventory
  • Built analysis that helped the RPI team complement or validate qualitative feedback received by the stores in order to make specific inventory management decisions or influence the buying team for specific products/commodities
  • Lead the preparation of the main analysis for key product development (C-41) meetings, including the quarterly Post Mortem and the monthly Style Review
  • Participated in various product development meetings concerning new collections and product assortment building
  • Assured the completion of the Monday reports used by each RPA to analyze the previous week’s business
Company Description
One of the top Canadian specialty retailers
  • Started and managed a project to create an omnichannel customer experience through their 15 branches
  • Collaborated with a team of 15 stylists and assistants to create visual merchandising impacts on mannequins that responded to the directions provided by the buying office
  • Developed a document with guidelines for all visual merchandising teams to follow and provided feedback on their work to achieve the desired output
  • Resolved numerous problems related to inventory management
Detailed Description
  • Note: Unfortunately, the project could no longer be a priority for the company and was terminated.
Company Description
Top Canadian fashion department store
Company website
  • Worked with a senior buyer to select, negotiate and develop the right merchandise for one of most profitable buying categories, while respecting a seasonal purchasing budget and achieving targeting margins and sell-throughs
Company Description
Top Canadian fashion department store
Company website
  • Achieved success by working backstage at +15 high-profile runway shows (e.g. Paris Fashion Week, Prague Fashion Week, Budapest Fashion Week, Fashion Clash, Toronto Fashion Week and Montreal Fashion Week)
  • Lead teams of approximately 15 stylists and dressers to ensure models were dressed in a way that reflected the brands' identities on the catwalk
  • Built successful relationships with +45 fashion companies who trusted me in portraying their brand images through fashion editorials and look books (e.g. Judith & Charles, Rudsak, Hilary MacMillan, L’intervalle, Matt & Nat, 18 Waits, Arthur Mendonca, Christopher Bates, Sentaler, Outclass, Muttonhead, Yoga Jeans, Naked & Famous Design, Hip and Bone, Bustle Clothing, Betina Lou and Eve Gravel)
  • Worked with the on-set production team (hair & makeup artists, photographers and assistants) to achieve the desired output
Detailed Description
  • Fashion styling, direction and coordination for runway shows, editorials and look books
  • Performed an analysis on a sub-sector of a recognized Canadian creative industry
  • Generated and presented actionable insights on how my client could better support the Canadian fashion industry and increase the exports of its goods
Company Description
Cultural Affairs - International Trade Branch - Creative Export Canada
  • Worked as a team to turn moments into memories for the clients by providing high standard of services
  • Took part in all the preparations for the Rideau CF store opening
  • Achieved success by displaying creativity through my styling while respecting the brand identities of Simons’ private labels
  • Trained new colleagues by providing feedback in order to elevate the skills of the team
Company website
  • Reviewed with 100+ students the material covered during their lectures
Company website

Store Manager

Le 1er Étage par Geneviève Couture
November 2012 to October 2013
Canada - Québec
  • Built and managed the store in collaboration with the owner
  • Organized an event to promote its launch
  • Built great relationships with suppliers
Detailed Description
  • Note: Unfortunately, the retailer was shut down.

Apparel Production Manager

Vivi par Geneviève Couture
June 2012 to November 2012
  • Lead the production team (4 people) to successfully produce their Spring Summer 2013 collection for Ottawa Fashion Week
Detailed Description
  • Note: Unfortunately, the apparel company was shut down.
  • Lead the production team (5 people) to successfully produce their Spring-Summer 2012 collection for Toronto Fashion Week