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Sophie Jolin-Roch

Sophie Jolin-Roch

Specialized in market research, project management and fashion styling / Experienced within the apparel manufacturing and retailing sectors

fashion stylism
production management
event planning
customer service
Driving License
Employed Open to opportunities
I am a proud member of the Canadian fashion industry, and am always thrilled to work to strengthen our position within our global economy.
  • Achieved success by working backstage at +15 high-profile runway shows (e.g. Paris Fashion Week, Prague Fashion Week, Budapest Fashion Week, Fashion Clash, Toronto Fashion Week and Montreal Fashion Week)
  • Lead teams of approximately 15 stylists and dressers to ensure models were dressed in a way that reflected the brands' identities on the catwalk
  • Built successful relationships with +45 fashion companies who trusted me in portraying their brand images through fashion editorials and look books (e.g. Judith & Charles, Rudsak, Hilary MacMillan, L’intervalle, Matt & Nat, 18 Waits, Arthur Mendonca, Christopher Bates, Sentaler, Outclass, Muttonhead, Yoga Jeans, Naked & Famous Design, Hip and Bone, Bustle Clothing, Betina Lou and Eve Gravel)
  • Worked with the on-set production team (hair & makeup artists, photographers and assistants) to achieve the desired output
Detailed Description
  • Fashion styling, direction and coordination for runway shows, editorials and look books
  • Started and managed a project to create an omnichannel customer experience through their 15 branches
  • Collaborated with a team of 15 stylists and assistants to create visual merchandising impacts on mannequins that responded to the directions provided by the buying office
  • Developed a document with guidelines for all visual merchandising teams to follow and provided feedback on their work to achieve the desired output
  • Resolved numerous problems related to inventory management
Detailed Description
  • Note: Unfortunately, the project could no longer be a priority for the company and was terminated.
Company Description
Top Canadian fashion department store
Company website
  • Worked with a senior buyer to select, negotiate and develop the right merchandise for one of most profitable buying categories, while respecting a seasonal purchasing budget and achieving targeting margins and sell-throughs
Company Description
Top Canadian fashion department store
Company website
  • Performed an analysis on a sub-sector of a recognized Canadian creative industry
  • Generated and presented actionable insights on how my client could better support the Canadian fashion industry and increase the exports of its goods
Company Description
Cultural Affairs - International Trade Branch - Creative Export Canada
  • Worked as a team to turn moments into memories for the clients by providing high standard of services
  • Took part in all the preparations for the Rideau CF store opening
  • Achieved success by displaying creativity through my styling while respecting the brand identities of Simons’ private labels
  • Trained new colleagues by providing feedback in order to elevate the skills of the team
Company website
  • Reviewed with 100+ students the material covered during their lectures
Company website

Store Manager

Le 1er Étage par Geneviève Couture
November 2012 to October 2013
Canada - Québec
  • Built and managed the store in collaboration with the owner
  • Organized an event to promote its launch
  • Built great relationships with suppliers
Detailed Description
  • Note: Unfortunately, the retailer was shut down.

Apparel Production Manager

Vivi par Geneviève Couture
June 2012 to November 2012
  • Lead the production team (4 people) to successfully produce their Spring Summer 2013 collection for Ottawa Fashion Week
Detailed Description
  • Note: Unfortunately, the apparel company was shut down.
  • Lead the production team (5 people) to successfully produce their Spring-Summer 2012 collection for Toronto Fashion Week